Until today, the development of the space branch was the exceptional prerogative of the government. Nowadays, essential role in the space branch development is occupied by commercial and private projects. We think that its perspective development will be more and more commercial. Most private companies will be able to domesticate space equally. In this new race the speed and balanced resource assignment will be the key of importance. Our project unites these important factors in the best way. We do our best to make it real for almost every one who can come to us for the realization of ideas and wishes..

Our mission:

We aim to make space more available for every person not only in dreams but in reality.


We make space closer.


We got interested in the subject of space back in youth. Any information on this matter has generated our interest and heated imagination. In 2014, having analyzed the market for services and technologies in space branch we have understood that space will be necessarily commercialized and we have seen in it great capabilities. At the same time we started forming the crew of co-thinkers from different branches of activity, and its basis formed specialists from space branch. We proposed our products having made a start-up of provision services in space branch in August 2015..


Our aim is to make space branch more accessible. To attain the aims, we work diligently to create innovative solutions, technologies and products. Our team consists of more than twenty highly qualified specialists from various fields of activity working together to create products of the future. The specialists of our team have more then ten years of experience in the field of work in the leading international companies of the branch. The team of confederates is lead by Vladislav Krishtop, holding a position as a Chairman board of directors